I am hopeful for 2015 as so much has happened already. My adopted home of Sri Lanka has a new president and already the country feels on an all time high. Then in the first 3 weeks of Jan, The Pope paid a visit and lifted everyones spirits even higher. I would go down the political road to explain what having a new government meant to this great country but that would take too long. 

The work is already coming in for various commissions from shooting luxury villas, documentaries and portraits.  The only downside, is that Sri Lanka hasn't got the money to spend on decent advertising and commercial photography. The idea that a good photograph sells the product, service or lifestyle is just too much bother and expense.  I still get the odd the enquiring from companies that don't really have clue what they want. They want ideas, something edgy, something different then when they see what that involves revert back to, "Can't you just come in with a camera and photoshop the rest?" It is frustrating but change is coming. 

So, crack open whatever your favourite drink is as say cheers to a successful 2015 to everyone.