The fear of waiting.

It's a freelancer's worst feeling of all, the waiting!! Whether it is the phone to ring or the contract to come through or the email informing you that you got the job. All that hard work has paid off. they liked the treatment/pitch/presentation and you have succeeded where others have not.  It doesn't matter what kind of freelancing service you provide you are completely dependent on others and it is a terrible feeling to be handing over all that control into someone else's hands. 

What shall I do? Do I remind them? How? By email or phone call? They must be busy so I don't want to come across pushy, might lose the job?

Everything comes down to confidence and a little bit common sense. If they don't want you and make their minds up because you made an enquiring about a job or a follow up about one, then you should ask yourself a question, is this a company you really want to work for anyway? Great companies don't make rash decisions based on keen people. I mean, if you are phoning everyday or sending a 100 emails then you might come across as being slightly unhinged and that might influence them but just the normal stuff? You shouldn't sweat it. Saying that, there are no real rules. I once worked on a couple of films and some guy was sending out the same psychotic cover letter and CV to all the top Assistant Directors he could get the address of. He basically said he loves film, will dump his girlfriend or anyone who gets in his way. He wrote a very disturbing letter about LOTRs and how it had influenced him and he'd be the best runner they would have ever worked with. Then one day a curious AD decided to give him a chance to see what he was made of and he came in for a few days. I have no idea what he's doing now but he did work on a major feature film and made his own chances. I just hope he sorted his priorities out or it will be a lonely life for him. 

However, when you really want a job that badly it can be all you think about. It gets built up in your mind of how good it will be. The challenge and the experience will push you and your creative talent that bit further as well as the soft pillow of the short term financial security, until the contract ends. Life isn't easy as a freelance creative person but you just have to do what you have to do. One thing is for sure...If you don't do it, the next 10 people will. 

I will continue to wait for the big phone call. Nothing major, just my dream job of a lifetime!!