I have no real idea how things are done here as far as casting goes. So, I decided to just put the word out there and use social media and flyers for an open casting session. We will see how things go? 

I spent a long time asking around where would be the best place to hold the session. I had all sorts of recommendations from old theatres to public halls. I did try each one of these suggestions and was getting fed up of no one calling me back or even picking up the phone in the first place. I was even contemplating to do it from home. Luckily, someone suggested, 'Royal Nelung Arts Centre' in Colombo. What a great space! It's tucked away near, 'Park Street Mews'. I drive past it all the time and I have never spotted it. Making this film has certainly opened my eyes to what is available in Colombo. It is rather strange that there are such big places that don't shout about themselves. There was even a Colombo Marathon, yep, a full marathon that just pasted us by. No idea it was happening until we saw some pictures on Facebook. You really have to venture out and look to find what you need. I have made a few contacts here and that also is a great resource for information. 

Got my script pages all ready, I've done a few radio and TV spots and now just a matter of letting as many people know that I'm hold this casting session. 

Roll camera and action!