The next step...

The next step...

Having recently assisted a photography legend, David James, he taught me so much about lighting just by observing. The main thing was to constantly strive to bring yourself out in your work. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new techniques. Also, learn to trust your instinct and your eye. We had a full studio of equipment and all the light meters and all the other things you would have on a photo shoot but that was just a back up. He works by eye and knows exactly what he's looking for. Watching David watching the light was a lesson all in itself. I felt like a brand new photographer after day 1. I just remember thinking I can't wait to get back and shoot some photos.

Since I have returned I have been out and bought a few things to add to my photography arsenal, not new lights, not new lenses but just everyday things like ply wood and 8 x 4 ft pieces of white poly board. I have painted one side black of each board to change the look when I need it. 

The image above was one of the first images I have tried with my new skills and looking where the light is and more importantly, where I want it to be. I wanted to add drama into the picture and make it cinematic. A bit of post processing but not as much as you may think. Get the lighting right in camera and you're 90% there. 

All there is to do now is let my imagination go and see what else I can come up with. Another world has just opened up for me. 

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